DAY 63... love it or hate it babes

Sometimes the words don't come as I want them to, or I try to think of the coolest way to describe one of the best nights ever. Sometimes writing is like trying to tell that boy exactly how you feel, without sounding stupid or constantly stumbling over your words. Speaking of I tried to ask a guy out last night and totally bombed, its weird that I can approach random strangers and ask to take their picture but when I see a cute guy I run the other way. Turns out he chews tobacco and I was instantly turned off but his grungy style is what caught my attention.
a night of anger and wonders

that was for making me wait so long
he has the uncanny ability to talk to anyone
these guys were pretty cool even though they were a little shy
i wish you could see his shirt

i never got their names
anyone with a guitar just registers cool to me

ppl let me tell u bout my best friend
who's always late but he is the photographer
i must admit it felt good to not be behind the camera for once

our waiter was a trickster he conned us into getting flavored lemonade with his fast talk and no explanation of prices

he's such a handsome young fella

ended in a night of laughter and joy


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