Tainted Love.. DAY 74

Sometimes I feel I've got to... Run away. I've got to...Get away. From the pain that you drive into the heart of me

the little mocha man said something the other day that offended me to the point of tears. I can usually just roll my eyes at his random banter and sometimes pointless jargon but today he struck a nerve. Maybe it's just mother nature taking control and that could be why I'm so emotional but no one in all 20 years of my life has ever called me such a thing, and now I have taken it upon myself to search deep inside to see if I have even a hint of arrogance. I think I'm beautiful and lately I have been working on trying not to judge a book by its cover because you never know how a person may truly be and I try to stay as open minded as possible because I hate close mindedness and nonacceptance of what is different. I believe I'm beautiful because of who I am on the inside and what I love and I want that to radiate through my outside appearance.. it has nothing to do with how I look in actuality I have just learned to accept the person I see when I look in the mirror. My step dad said the "a "word has haunted him all his life.. he is one confident mofo if I must say so myself  but arrogant he is not.

To be a fashionable woman is to know yourself, know what u represent, & know what works for u
I live by this

p.s. the little mocha man isn't so little anymore, we talked and I'm okay now

Some things I LOVE

Isabel Marant
Louis Vuitton 
Nina Ricci
Yohji Yamamoto 

The fifties are back for fall my loves!


DAY 63... love it or hate it babes

Sometimes the words don't come as I want them to, or I try to think of the coolest way to describe one of the best nights ever. Sometimes writing is like trying to tell that boy exactly how you feel, without sounding stupid or constantly stumbling over your words. Speaking of I tried to ask a guy out last night and totally bombed, its weird that I can approach random strangers and ask to take their picture but when I see a cute guy I run the other way. Turns out he chews tobacco and I was instantly turned off but his grungy style is what caught my attention.
a night of anger and wonders

that was for making me wait so long
he has the uncanny ability to talk to anyone
these guys were pretty cool even though they were a little shy
i wish you could see his shirt

i never got their names
anyone with a guitar just registers cool to me

ppl let me tell u bout my best friend
who's always late but he is the photographer
i must admit it felt good to not be behind the camera for once

our waiter was a trickster he conned us into getting flavored lemonade with his fast talk and no explanation of prices

he's such a handsome young fella

ended in a night of laughter and joy


DAY 52.. BitterSweeT FireWorkS

The fourth of july is always bittersweet for me, it brings about memories of what use to be and what I wish could be now. I miss big family cookouts, swimming pools and freeze pops. My family just doesn't get together any more and in fact my mom and sister went out of town for the fourth. I remember the fourth being one of my favorite holidays, there was always two cookouts one on my dad's side and the other on my mom's and I was always excited to show off my new outfit because everyone was there..this year I spent the fourth with my dad and his girlfriend's family, the food was good and I met a cute guy, but it just wasn't the same. I miss those nights of standing at the door looking out at the fireworks because the noise was too loud and I was afraid♥

I went to a place called uniontown alabama

my family through the years. i'm in there too.

there's so much history in this house its unbelievable.. my great grandma grew up here and stays here when she comes to visit. In uniontown my whole family stays on the same street in different houses but this is the main house where my great great grandma and great great grandpa started it all. i would've took pictures of my great grandma and everyone but they're not the picture type of people

the fun...
shoes: charming charlie's
blazer: thrift store
pants and bow: made and altered by me
the bustier is from long ago.. i bought it from body central... yea i use to shop there 
dress: jc penny
shoes: journey's
hat: jc penny

the end


DAY 48...


my lovely collection

shirt: forever 21
pearls: forever 21
shoes: forever 21

Until Next Time