I'm attracted to musicians I dnt know why, they're just kinda my thing, ever since I saw this band I've been constantly dreaming about the hotness of their keyboard player and his lovely eyes and he's super down to earth which makes me even more googley eyed for him. So we went to another one of their shows and  after a convo with his roommate I found out he has a girlfriend..bummed but still going to another show.  But I did recently start seeing a guy I knew from way back when, and I like him, I get happy at the thought of seeing him, I like it when he grabs for my hand or puts his arm around my waist and I laugh, oh and did I mention he sings and plays guitar..yea go figure.

This week has been interesting.. I have long hair for the time being, a not so great travel, a night that was much needed which started at the atm in the sketchy 58 center parking lot and ended after two beers, a tinkle in a bush with some awesome guy named Mitch and a talk with one of my loves on the sidewalk after the amazing show and tons of wedding photos to edit.

p.s. there will be no more him tags or talk of "the guy"and that continuing long drawn out saga 


My feelings are hurt, I see the truth and it sucks, I dont even find u attractive anymore, I don't even want u anymore, and I feel like I'm trying to make a friendship work that isn't even worth it sometimes.  It's not even about what was, it's about u, the way u treat me, and how shit never works out when I'm around u.  I can't deal anymore, maybe u have no interest in me either now..I dunno, fuck it, really was hoping that camera was still in my purse..would've been the ultimate revenge for the fuckery of the past two weeks.  


3 Men and a Lady

Yay!! for playgrounds and hanging upside down, 10 sec timers and tripods, cropped shirts, wedges, sun glasses and sunny weather. Yay!! for the kid at heart that will swing on a swing anytime of day, funny faces, sleeping in cars, thrift stores with old nokia's, a vintage ralph lauren purse, bulls hats, and cool shirts.  Yay!! for the flowers that distracted me, the man doing tai chi in the park, I wanted his peace of mind.

Boo!! for the hole I tripped in, and other shit that happened on this crazy, beautiful, gorgeous get away.


photo beauty

I love love love her 

Zoe Kravitz is my ultimate style love

She looks amazing in Blackbook Magazine April 2011


saturday afternoon


Saturdays before work, record stores and a venture to the wall downtown, found a cool new restaurant, ended up back downtown after work, 6 dollar drink, drunken stumbles upon curbs and a old friend

 I should really start inviting people to go with me when I want to shoot, sometimes I think I work better on my own, but people give me inspiration and a little company never hurts, I miss alot of my friends, I enjoy making new ones 

Be Thankful, You have a roof over your head, you have a job, and great parents that love you, and when it seems bad it could be worse 
And Smile
Things I tell myself



At 21 years old I still write things on my hand so I can remember
My favorite song at the moment is i'm not callin you a liar- florence + the machines
I changed the name I think its gonna stick this time, I just need to make a new banner 
I applied for school yesterday
I will enjoy my days off this week and  go places and take many photos 

You think I would just use my cell phone to remember names,things to do etc... but I only check the thing when it goes off


musicians and the shoes they walk in

Live music, a tequila sunrise, using my camera to make my way to the front, jipped outta ten dollars for chicken wings, meeting members of a band, beautiful belly dancing lady, spring walks downtown, ending up at a restaurant discussing men sagas and life 

For some reason I became enchanted with the shoes and the lights on stage

 I can never do the lets hold the camera and take pictures of ourselves thing, they always look great, I tend to look like shit 
This picture is like this for a reason. I was mesmerized by the girl in black and white... all night I kept thinking I would love to do a shoot of her every time our eyes caught.