sometimes everything is nothing

betty always seems to end up in his hands

i always get pictures of him looking sad,stressed,but he never is at the moment

sn: i miss him

pieces of me

i make scrunchy faces

i love my tits

hair cuts let go of my baggage

i stick out my tongue for the hell of it

i like change

i curse alot i promise i'm a lady

i found my love i thought i lost them

live it, fuck it, love it

Itunes on Shuffle
The past few weeks I have purposely alienated myself (shut ppl out, whatever the fuck u wanna call it, I did it!!) from everybody.  It's how I deal, it's how I think when times are hard, I take time to myself to pray, think, and eat. I need those moments, I had to say FUCK everyone else and HELLO Jequise what do u want?  During this process I cried, became sick, indulged in art( i paint now) and music, lost inspiration, gained it back, it was the longest I went without taking a single photo, I even cried to my mom.. who still doesn't quite get it and asked did I need to see a shrink but aye progress comes with time.  I came to the conclusion: 
I'm A Happy Mess

1. I want to move out but I'll be broke if I do
2. I want/need a better relationship with my mom
3. School hates me and I hate it
4. I wanna work and save more so when I do move out I'll have furniture
5. Clothes and Photography make me the happiest
6. I'm gonna have to disappoint to get to the place I wanna be
7. My happiness is important
8. I'm giving myself 2 years to get the hell out of Tennessee
9. I'm going to Fashion Week
10. I'm in love with an amazing Man
11. Everything happens for a reason, I'm trusting God
12. I'm gonna love and keep loving
13. Speak my mind more.. (shoulda gave someone the big fuck off today)
14. I've fucked up, learned from it, I'm gonna listen to my life now
15. I'll never stop dreaming BIG

now playing: melt my heart to stone- adele

now playing: fuck you- cee lo

now playing: viva la white girl- gym class heroes

now playing: fly niggas do fly thing- wiz khalifa & curren$y

now playing: so appalled- kanye west

now playing: avril 14th- aphex twin

now playing: sometimes- erykah badu

now playing: sweet love- anita baker

16. I miss Bella


It's something about his name, I've always loved that name, Fancy I'd fall in love with him


hey guy

I dream of a home in paris, long visits from my lover, a small child crawling, and a ring on my right hand..
My lover with an old pair of dirty chucks and a nappy fro
Me begging him to cut it off, but i honestly love the way it feels
and a balcony... i really want a balcony

Fuck the white picket fence!

i'm just a wonderin

whenever i really don't know what to call something i label it as love notes,because like my mind love makes no sense at all 


one way ticket

DreamLand Anyone?


Wonders of Photography

they saw betty... end of story. 

I loved her she was so beautiful.. and a sweetheart, the blues with the scarf totally made my day and the brown boots give it just the right flare.

When people see betty they walk up to me and ask am I a photographer.. this question slightly makes me uncomfortable but according to my job title I actually am.. never really thought of myself as one.. I just like to make art from my point of view

Pictures make people happy, why not take it


dreaming from a corner in my room

pieces of hope picked from dresser drawers

I love lace, I miss summer, I walk around my house in things like this to remind me of beautiful days. I'm the most comfortable in nothing, this is my little to nothing and it makes me smile. The happy optimist in me has risen again and I'm letting the negative energy float away. Things are changing and that's okay, if I lose you, I'll be okay.