chicks I dig

I crush on girls!! Something about them that catches my attention, small details that make them absolutely gorgeous.  Women's bodies fascinate me because we're all different never really shaped the same.. I love curves.. I wish I was a little bit more curvy every now and again.  Bottom line women are beautiful and I wish fashion categorized every type of woman... but here are two women on my list of girl crushes.

Chanel Iman
My Model Crush

Zooey Deschanel
I love her, something about her, I think it's her eyes


not to posey just right

"we look like fat alberts crew"
"his hands are too soft"
"use those cleans clothes to wipe it up"
"fuckin schmeek"
love these guys

My technique to photography is slightly out of the norm. I fell in love with it when I was 16 and a yearbook kid.  I love candids.. I prefer un-posed photo shoots were I just keep snapping natural movements, and I tell you to turn your head and move slightly this way.  It allows me to have fun and not be so serious and for those being photographed to loosen up.  I love working with people I know... I love these guys... look out for them!!!  I prefer not being known as a photographer.. I like.. hey it's that girl Jequise, the chick with the camera! (or betty as I call her)


a while back

My favs from a a shoot I did a while back,I learned a lot from it, there were spurts of fun as well


to my dreams

so I wrote this out over and over again.. posted it and deleted it, and now its back as a list... I saved a copy of the drawn out paragraphs for myself, and trust me I'm also saving your eyes.

Dear Life
1. I'm glad the end of this year is near
2. I want to go to fashion school!! ART INSTITUTE OR JUMP TO FIT.. I have to be smart about this
3. New York within the next year and a half.
 4. getting over my fears, writing to tons of people in fashion, and hoping, praying, that I will be volunteering at fashion week
5. I could start a photography business but slut photography is out of the question
6. I would like to produce a fashion show in Nashville for the greater good by the end of summer 2011
7.I was inspired by @FashionCrazy, I heart her drive... http://fashioncrazy.net
8. I was Inspired by my best friend(the guy in my posts their tshirt line will be phenomenal)
9. Me and my bestfriend were suppose to do a tshirt line my heart wasn't in it, this blog is my baby
10.I'm ready for my own line of tshirts now August 2011
11. I'm learning to draw , via you-tube and I hope to find some drawing classes
12.I regret not buying that sewing machine, learning to sew shall be a real task, but those t-shirts will become dresses

All in all I just wanna be a stylist

When I was 12 I had a diary full of horribly drawn sketches of swanky outfits and I dreamed of my own boutique, If I would've kept that diary and kept drawing.. things might be more simple. 

I wore fuzzy socks and booties yesterday... I'm meant for this!!!!


I know this will be hard work but I"m gonna do it, even when my demanding job starts back up.... oh and I still plan on moving out

Networking is a must so if you like this post, believe in my dream... Contact Me!!!!  I'm willing to help you get to yours as well!!




the girl and the purple coat

I love this place, its relaxing and dreamy, like my own little italy, as u walk through you smell the aroma of coffee and yummy desserts being made. It's honestly my favorite place to be, I want to do a shoot of lovers here.. in those little alleys, those gorgeous walls, ignore my romanticism, here's the pictures

i often times laugh at myself and the faces i make
 my mommy gave me this coat as a birthday present

 i was so trying not to fall, i'm a klutz

fuzzy socks and booties

dying to taste their food, hopefully going with a friend soon

nowplaying:be that easy- sade


the cookie and christmas

she's cute
sadly our house has horrible lighting

pizza and candy machines

Back in the day, when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore...but sometimes I sit and wish I was a kid again!

Meet my Cookie
My walking birth control
The cutest little menace you'll ever meet

 I bought her the cutest polar bear cookie from starbucks.. I had no idea it'd turn to lipstick
 bacon bits and tomatoes make her happy!
 but this was her real joy!!! and I barely had any change...

luckily after trying to get the change machine to take my bill over and over again a lady gave us 50 cent so she could have a second go around
After cici's we went to go see Tangled and ended the night with nail painting.

I miss the days of candy machines and pizza and not being able too see over the counter.. things were simple, time didn't move so fast, and a bowl of cereal and cartoons on saturday morning seemed to always do the trick!