touch the sky

I get a little bit ambitious
That's why you love me
Because you can't resist it
You'd do anything for me

Do you need a dozen roses?
Would you like a box of chocolates?
Is it really such a deep cut?
That I have to come and stitch it up?

 Yeah, I get a little crazy with the razor blades
Go on and call your mama if you need a band aid
But everything worth it, hurts a little bit
You don't want to runaway and I won't let you get away

 Cause we're doing it for the cause
How do you suppose i get anything done? You're making it so hard
Cause you'll never get to heaven as the radical son
Just keep it up, you solider

 You want out, I can't help
I've got to make you understand
You gotta take it like a man

 Don't be runnin off cause this is love

Such a darling song
Take It Like A Man- Dragonette

sweater:jc penny
cami:charlotte russe
dress:jc penny
leggings:jc penny
purse:oldie but goodie


Nyine said...

Dude I so love the way u put this outfit together!!! and the clouds in the sky, and the purse.....lol

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