picture me this

i'm sad today, i'm angry and i really don't understand.  are those really the rules of love?

i love oversized men's sweaters and a great pair of jeans. i found a bracelet i never wanna take off, my balance is  horrible, sadly i always fall trying to set the timer on my camera. i like the blurriness of these photos, gave me a lot to ponder. if everything was perfect something would be wrong.

I'm in a relationship with my nikon: her name is betty

be still my beating heart

there are days when i go on a fashion site and mag binge. i dive in for inspiration to let me know all i'm working for is not lost. i just bought kelly cutrone's book and love magazine the other day... i spent 49 dollars on two things.. i also wanted the lady gaga book but resisted.. sadly i plan to go get it this week or maybe next. but that wasn't enough this morning i woke up and began going to every fashion site i could think of.. i try to follow the trends and keep myself informed but honestly i lose track of time and i don't remind myself to check a trend report every day. i just love style, and the freedom of fashion, sometimes i don't do well with order, i'm realizing that in many of my relationships with life.

aneta bartos
yana toyber
martynka wawrzyniak
elle muliarchyk

I find these photos fascinating and beautiful... i love different depictions of women and not the standard glam shots. Its raw and uncandid I want to do things like this with my photography i just have break that little fear boundary.


oeuvres d'art

my favorite piece of art

time ticks and i still feel the same je'taime, te amo, i love you. I've never felt so much emotion over one person.. he knows why waste words. so i turn it into to art..he's my photography in motion. its what he gives me, each angle the camera turns, each picture i take stems from emotion. Emotion caused by him, from the deepest secrets of my heart.. he gives me art, he gives me drive. I'm on the edge of desire and I'm not afraid to admit it, confused and lost in love with one person, one soul, the one person who believes. I always say I don't need anyone, i don't need this guy or that.. well maybe i need you... "there i just said it, i'm scared you'll forget about me."


story of my life

my cluttered happy ending


Le Monde d’inès... A Date To Keep


Zeina Sultani

Just a touch of romance and eloquence

At first glance I fell in love with Le Monde d’inès... the collection tells a story within itself and gives great insight to the fabulous designer Zeina Sultani.  Each delicate design and carefully adorned shoe gave me butterflies, it is all so beautiful and not to mention looks very comfy and not overdone.  The collection captures the true essence of being a lady and gives off the idea of being comfortable in your own skin.

Le Monde d’inès is sold in

Kulte- Verdun
Madame Muguet- Verdun
Vintage Story- Clemenceau
Sunflowers- ABC, Saifi,Verdun
BHV-City Mall

Sauce- Abu Dhabi & Dubai
Les Galeries Lafayette- Dubai Mall
Salam Studio & Stores- Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Mosaicu- Kuwait City
Pink Moon- Kuwait City

Cream- Jeddah

Online Shop

For more information on Le Monde d’inès



ransom notes

no meaning just a thought


missing pieces to the puzzle

these are words from blogs i wrote but never published or finished. i thought it would be cool to put them all together and see where words have taken me..

the most recent, i don't know the date

is it possible i have to much on my plate.


fell in love with a boy, fell in love once and almost completely. he's in love with the world and sometimes these feelings can be so misleading

my heart is on edge


i just had a moment and i have to vent... i'm upset for no reason.. doing silly things that girls do.. it'd be so much easier if i didn't care.. if i could just say fuck it and move on with my life. if the friendship didn't mean so much... i don't like being put on hold.. i don't like texts with no explanation.. i don't like hearing the words imma call u back,, because in guy language that just means wait by the phone sweetie and i won't. my heart just dropped and it isn't the first time.. all this from a fucking text message and if i say fuck it i'll be the villain.. but my heart might be healthy.








Everyone has a reason for their style or way of dress. You take influences from your surroundings, those who raised you, or even that one person that inspires that you might have seen on tv or in a magazine. It all comes from somewhere even those who may not seem as fashionable, have their... 


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 teenage dream- katy perry
i'll be in the sky- b.o.b.
paris nights/new york mornings- corinne bailey rae
my love- jill scott

I've changed this piece over and over again... she use to be like my drug and somehow i broke the addiction and shoved her into a closet like she was one of my skeletons. The litlle one walks into my room, I glance up and slowly glance back down to my computer. Sometimes its like we have an unspoken language as she comes and sits on my bed and lays silently next to me. I look at her remembering times of innocence, times when my hair was just as long as hers and a piece of candy and a little attention is all i needed to make me happy. We grew up so different Lately life is just messy and unexplainable on all ends. there are days I feel complete and other days i feel empty. I'm struggling on the decision of if I should continue my education or sit this semester out and simply focus on me... something I've never really done before. My parents try to live through me and until now I've been trying my best to make them happy. I mean everyone tries to make mommy and daddy proud and i just happen to come from that family where i would be the first to graduate from college, well on my moms side anyway. The only thing I've truly done for myself is this blog and of course those trips to the mall which only makes my addicting shopping habits worse. Everytime i mention fashion or photography everyone always says well Jequise you could change your mind.. I mean so and so went in for something and came out doing another. And my mother... " I should be an example to you because i didn't get to go to school " News flash you are.. you're an example of I don't want to hate my job all my life!!! I hate my job now!! That felt good, i kept trying to think of all the positives of working at cracker barrell but there are none except that i have a job. And trust me i am thankful to have one but I am striving to look for something better each and every day.

shamelessly thinking

Everything is jumbled... after a rough day at work and a history test.. I plummeted to my floor and indulged in simple goodness.. I sat in my sweatpants and wrapped myself in a scarf.. and thought to myself as I waited for my noodles to cool, this week has been rough, I feel like my job is sucking my life away. I have the same everyday routine and I despise it... when I got the job they said it would be different and not repetitive.. the only thing that changes are the ppl I meet, I set up the same equipment.. shoot the same shot, its just a different face, there's no real art and it slightly bothers me.  I was ready to drive away and leave all the equipment at the school that day and send my boss a text saying I quit!  I'm starting to despise the younger and older generations a bit more everyday, pictures  really can bring out the worst and best in people. 

Don't judge my eating habits.. i eat strange things when I'm upset and pondering life
It's my own personal form of meditation.. sitting crisscross with food in hand in front of the full size mirror.. examining myself and the Vogue at my feet

Cause I Don't



i was scared... isaiah was the photographer..latrisha was my hand holder.. amber stuck me
i loves it 


jean shirts and fountains

he noticed my eyes are green.. if they were blue i'd be innocent and thats far from the truth.  

 the fountain is surrounded by flowers.. the dirt got all in my shoes

the sign lookout around construction..i found it funny the u is missing