shamelessly thinking

Everything is jumbled... after a rough day at work and a history test.. I plummeted to my floor and indulged in simple goodness.. I sat in my sweatpants and wrapped myself in a scarf.. and thought to myself as I waited for my noodles to cool, this week has been rough, I feel like my job is sucking my life away. I have the same everyday routine and I despise it... when I got the job they said it would be different and not repetitive.. the only thing that changes are the ppl I meet, I set up the same equipment.. shoot the same shot, its just a different face, there's no real art and it slightly bothers me.  I was ready to drive away and leave all the equipment at the school that day and send my boss a text saying I quit!  I'm starting to despise the younger and older generations a bit more everyday, pictures  really can bring out the worst and best in people. 

Don't judge my eating habits.. i eat strange things when I'm upset and pondering life
It's my own personal form of meditation.. sitting crisscross with food in hand in front of the full size mirror.. examining myself and the Vogue at my feet

Cause I Don't


Nyine said...

Sista mine; I just had to say I love how this post seems so transparent and open.....wishing you the best on your journey of discovery,cause simply that is what this life is all about anyway....keep your chin up kid!!!!

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