be still my beating heart

there are days when i go on a fashion site and mag binge. i dive in for inspiration to let me know all i'm working for is not lost. i just bought kelly cutrone's book and love magazine the other day... i spent 49 dollars on two things.. i also wanted the lady gaga book but resisted.. sadly i plan to go get it this week or maybe next. but that wasn't enough this morning i woke up and began going to every fashion site i could think of.. i try to follow the trends and keep myself informed but honestly i lose track of time and i don't remind myself to check a trend report every day. i just love style, and the freedom of fashion, sometimes i don't do well with order, i'm realizing that in many of my relationships with life.

aneta bartos
yana toyber
martynka wawrzyniak
elle muliarchyk

I find these photos fascinating and beautiful... i love different depictions of women and not the standard glam shots. Its raw and uncandid I want to do things like this with my photography i just have break that little fear boundary.


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