DAY 47....bottled emotions

the other day... I smiled after crying for a very long time. My best friend is amazing in all his misadventures... like how he left his keys in the car ignition while we were in goodwill...of course we laughed it off but think of what could have happened.. you see he's on a mission to find a black trucker hat and dragging me along with him...all we did was ride around, talk, listen to music, and end up sitting on a bench outside a thrift store. these pictures are not the best but they make me smile and that means more to me...

I found a job
something else to smile about


DAY 39

Pictures in the Dark...
This was by far the best night of summer, the walk was long but we made it to the fireworks and they were beautiful, I was reunited wit #ABC, all that was missing was our D, this night made me forget about all my worries and I wasn't even intoxicated, It was so much fun even though we almost took the wrong exit while going to my house cause the driver was too hype off the music in the car, we just laughed about it, and a cranberry limeade from sonic was a great way to end the night...
 I write on my old sneakers, things I believe in and my random sayings
I have a thing for old lookin cars, they're kinda sexy
my camera makes fireworks look weird
she's my C

 the pretty girl on the left is my A

love those boots

this outing was also a photoshoot
we're oober bright
this picture makes me giggle.. we call this the i see you pose

this would've worked but you can still see her.. she tried so hard
Silly things that don't go right make you laugh so much harder


DAY 36

A Little Festival Called Riverbend
George Clinton and the Funkadelic came to riverbend this year, we just wanted to see the atomic dogs..!
living in the south people seem to be a little extreme about religion, we saw these displays during our walk to riverbend
 she looked lovely as always
 this is not the way to lead others to God in my opinion
 he's a little crazy and they're amazingly beautiful

light sabers
the many people that came to see the funkadelic

the infamous kissy face
the food at riverbend is delicious such as chicken on a stick, the funnel cakes, and the corndogs
I don't know what conch is..
yes they sell gator to eat
we got our funnel cake!!
the funkadelic started to play atomic dog and the ques began to stroll
his name was sexual chocolate
greek life is very interesting to me

until next time my loves
p.s. there will be fireworks 


DAY 34

My Summer Wish List
I am still jobless and often spend my time looking online and dreaming of things I could buy...these are just a few things

1.Shades... ooo how I would love an awesome new pair of sunglasses to hide my eyes from the blazing tennessee sun
 I absolutely love these, forever 21 is my favorite place for sunglasses and they're only 5.80

2.Tanks... I have small boobs and tanks accentuate them very well especially with  high waist shorts for an awesome summer look
solids or stripes or even other great patterns can give pizazz to a simple pair of shorts or jeans get these looks at www.urbanoutfitters.com
p.s. the green tank is 2 for 24 and comes in assorted colors
3.Floral Dress... you know something a little fun and flirty for a beautiful day

 I absolutely love this dress but its 68 dollars and being the fashionably broke person that I am it is not in my budget but this look also comes from www.urbanoutfitters.com

4. A nice bag and fabulous shoes... would be simply perfect
 The sandals instantly caught my eye and can be found at www.forever21.com and cost 21.80, I've been wanting a purse like this for the longest and I really want to jack my mothers credit card for this 23.80 studded leather bag also at www.forever21.com

Alas I'm still looking for that perfect swimsuit