DAY 29

Street Talk...

at times I get a little fancy with my nails
she was my date for the night
I love when people are shocked that I want to take their picture, in my opinion fashion isn't about trying it is about being who you are, just wear what feels right and keep up with the trends ♥
I'd have an affair with Chuck Taylor if I could get every color sneaker I wanted
love, love, loved her
wear your seat belts ladies and gents
I love to people watch
It's Riverbend time in Chattanooga, Tn.. a festival with tons of food and musical acts and tons of people that come to walk down by the river for a week. It's actually quite hot and very frustrating at times because it gets really cramped and not to mention everything is quite expensive when you have to buy tokens to purchase chicken on a stick , frozen lemonade, or a funnel cake. We didn't go into Riverbend, it was the first night and not much to see so we just sat around and took note of what others were wearing. We also met these cute  guys who turned out to be such losers so we're still single and beautiful♥

Until Next Time


brogan said...

you are so right about picking to snap people whos style reflect who they are
nice blog :)
Brick And Bones
Brick And Bones

Jequise said...

thanx oh so much♥

Fashion Du Jour said...

Cant tell you how many times I've seen folks and just wanted to whip out my camera and snap away. I always felt it would be kinda awkward. Maybe I'll take your lead. Love what you do!


Jequise said...

at first it was quite awkward i'm kind of shy but it gets easier as u go, thank u for the comment doll♥

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