DAY 20 was bomb

I think I ♥ U
 the rain finally stopped and I got to smile with one of my loves, at the end our day we sat in a restaurant and dancing in the streets began to play, we both sang along

my summer love

 we said: nice car!! lady in the front: i beg your parton
hmm..I was tickled
shirt: forever 21
tutu: wetseal,jacket:cut and dazzled by me
jean jackets, pearls and sunglasses


the lady who owns the store knits these herself, the place was a mess of books we wondered if it was really open 

I was afraid that bees or wasps would pop outta no where, kinda creepy
an abandoned movie theater 
the place is called peppers deli, we went in for applications and the manager looked delicious

I miss going out, today gave me hope, the life I live is kinda cool even though I'm fashionably broke
It doesn't matter what you wear as long as you are there


Nyine said...

Great post..... tutu's and denim are love......

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