DAY 24.... a day late

Dear Beautiful just keep smilin
 I've been home  for a month and I still do not have a job, it feels like I've searched high and low and I have yet to find anything. Today I began my search at 12 pm, got shut down a couple times, 2 interviews tomorrow and one on Thursday, a we'll call you to set up an interview, and  a few call backs I have to make. Without a job I feel like a bum, not to mention I'm not going back to school and I'm moving out of my parents house in August. My first interview tomorrow is at McDonalds, imagine a fashionista working at McDonalds..hmm at least it will support my shopping habit

romper was 9.99 at new york & company
i love how it looks 
 i love flowers in my hair, it always gives that little extra touch 
kinda like my personal sunshine
my feet are so awkward
fingers crossed for a new job



Anonymous said...

I didnt kno u werent going back to school... Will I ever see My Jequise again??... *begins to Sob*

Jequise said...

yes i'm movin back to the boro!!!

Sgt. Pepper Vintage said...

Thanks for finding me :D, and that romper is so greattt!! Keep in touch lady.


Jequise said...

thank u and i will most definitely keep in touch ♥

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