DAY 18

Colorless World
On this day I sat in a car for 2 hours looking for something that I need but not my primary concern. To pass the time I took pictures and had my ipod securely in my ears, I journeyed on a road leading to no where, you know when you get that feeling that you shouldn't be in a certain place, this day we took the road less traveled... 

I love ripped skinny jeans, 
I tend to focus on the details of my clothes when i'm in an uncomfortable place

I had no idea where we were, I took the picture because I wanted to know who lived there, gave me a reason to use my imagination

A splash of color

I wanted to stop there so bad, it would have brightened up my day

the graceful driver

Moral of the Story


Melissa said...

great blog!
new follower, follow back?

Jequise said...

thank u!! and will do love!!

Aimee said...

love these photos! im following!

Jequise said...

thanx oh so much!!!

Rachel B. said...

Tis very interesting!! I like this post! My fav pic is the text that you need your own car! LOL.. so silently screaming! LOL.. BTW thanks for following! I shall return the fava hunny!

-Love R.B.

Jequise said...


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