Happy Musings

The reunion between yourself and something you love is one of the most magical feelings ever found.. It's instant adrenaline and happiness in a powerpack that bursts out of nowhere and feels your body with such joy that's been missing for so long.  The muse of happy is being found and the enjoyment isn't being erased. Art is love !
 Meet Trey!

Awesome guy, actor, cool dude who lets me shoot him in the heat of the day and climbs graffiti walls in the process of doing so.  It was fun and that's what really mattered.  There should be fun in everything you love. 


I Need Light

 Boring Saturday playing around with f stops, shutter speed and the lighting of my room.  A studio would be lovely at times, there are days I just long for artificial light, instead of the one shining through my window.  I no longer have this hair and it's kind of weird, I'll miss my blondie but I need change, I need to keep moving. These shots would have been better if i was able to sit still for 5 seconds, but hey it's a learning process.

p.s. photos of the long hair soon, I just have to find something cool to do with it


funky times!

It's official!  I'm out of my funk and I am ready to begin shooting and blogging once again. I needed a moment to get my thoughts together but honestly I missed being creative or even just taking pictures of my friends. So here is a collection of photos that were taken this past weekend and last year sometime. Ugh! I can't believe I almost gave this up, I'm planning some shoots soon but I am going to continue to post even if it is just what I'm wearing that day, I miss talking about clothes on here too, and would love some advice on how to better my overrun always growing wardrobe.

Yes I walk around downtown at 6:30 in the morning randomly, then go to hole in the wall breakfast places with weird names like Aretha Frankenstein's with the guy with the awesome eyes, as he mocks my love for breakfast swine that I can not give up. I love these simple things that make me giggle and forget about the problems a 22 year old can have.

Happy Valentines Day