Off In Dark Places

 I was right,, first instincts are always right, of course I'm having twitter withdrawls, him withdrawls, I honestly don't miss facebook, and I'll probably create a flicker and link it to here or some jazz like that to get more buzz for my photos. Deleting them was more of a personal thing, I need to focus on me, keep my thoughts to myself, and try to figure out how to get rid of this raging crazy bitch inside of me.  I wish I could remember this photographers name we studied in class, she was brilliant, two of herself in each photo.. now I must scrounge through my notes to see if I wrote it down.  I love candles for some reason now, I just turn the lights off and let them glow.

I never drizzle the icing right, always too much on one, too little on the others, I've become an addict to store bought mocha frappuccinos and red bull, my early mornings need them at times, and this morning cinnamon buns just seemed right..

birds in the tree sing to me about being young, and foolish, and naive 


5:30 am

Woke up at 5:30, decided to watch my blueberry nights, beautiful film, lovely cast, half way through the movie I picked up my jank laptop and began to look for a second job and new lenses for my camera that a coworker had suggested to me.. needless to say I can't afford the one I truly need at the moment and thats okay.  I'm glad I watched the movie, I was reminded of myself, and how she just went away and started a new life, something I've wanted to do for quite awhile now.  I felt like I ended yesterday, broke down, simple shit pisses me off and it lets me know I don't need to be here. The hardest thing I've done is move back home and try to find my way back out, it puzzles me how at 18 I moved 8 hours away to a huge city and I was just fine. I felt secure, happy and satisfied, and now that I'm here, back home, I'm never content, not quite happy, and I make a mess of things.  I deleted my facebook and twitter, taking a break from cyber space and other people's thoughts. I think its raining again. I'm gonna go out and shoot, do my hair and fix these horrid eyebrows.

NowPlaying: The Story- Norah Jones


strangers pt 2

This is how the story went I met someone by accident 

I admit the guy on the ground caught my attention, had me googley eyed and shit.. I'm a sucker for man and a dog
Adele's 21 = my life most days...she does the most beautiful covers now playing: hiding my heart


strangers pt 1

the random ppl I meet strolling downtown, they catch my attention I push the button sometimes without asking, why don't I ask their names 

Ppl intrigue the crap outta me, especially ppl I dnt know, I plan to do more of these, I even want to get to know a few homeless people, let them become my muse for a while, take their pictures, know their facts, share their stories 


drinkin on cheap bottles of wine

Last night I was drunk on a couch laying next to an old friend, I made new friends and took a shot of lucid which I never recommend to anyone. I felt like my throat had entered the gates of hell, as my eyes filled with tears and the sensation traveled through my body. I laughed and popped my tush on women in bikinis but hearing jequise come here and lets talk about life was the best part. I wanted to play in his hair so bad but he wasn't you, it just felt good to lay next to someone and talk.  Nothing to give, nothing to take, just a good convo about the past two years.  With age I no longer fear going places alone.. today I sat in a park, read a book, wrote down my fears, tore them to pieces and tossed them in the trash.  I want adventure, I want the truth, I want the weight of a man's body on top of me.

The past two weeks of my life and today.  I'm praying for the world. I'm tired of having green eyes, after tossing the shreds of paper I found one that I missed.. the biggest one of all.  I'm refraining from my last want, my emotions and your penis don't mix well.


losers and maxi skirts

Ppl are always trying to get over.. I'm selling my car on cragislist for 800 and someone tried to offer me 250! I know it needs a new motor but jeez everything else works.. well except that one window the guy that sold it to me forgot to mention.  I understand times are hard but only a fool would take that price.. I really wanted to tell the guy to suck a big one. Honestly I wanna just chunk the car and sell it for parts.. why don't I know mechanic ppl. Any who I thrifted this maxi skirt and I am absolutely in love with it.. found a top in my closet, I just need a nice cardi.. why can't it be 80 degree weather yet.  I need the warmth of the sun and days by a lake. I couldn't get my camera in the right position.. I needed more space

I'm bored with the program I use for edits... Photoshop tutorials here I come


my type of woman

I love her.. she's gorgeous and she proposed to me yesterday in a krystals, it was the most awkward sweetest thing as we made our vow to friendship and basically to keep in touch. Considering I hadn't seen her since high school, reminiscing on our locker room days and how neither of us can walk in straight line it felt good to be with an old friend.  Her eccentric nature is amazing, and she just bounces off the wall.. meet tiffany!

Don't you just love her eyes
She's quite a catch 
You'll be seeing more of her

study my contradictions

About a week ago, I was out with a friend and she asked( i always start writing then go to other tabs i have up) why haven't I done any fashion posts lately, so I pondered and honestly its because I haven't been feeling quite fashiony lately. The guy said I seemed different, spicy is the exact term that he used, I'm just not taking as much shit as I use to. These past two months have been hard and I guess I found my backbone through them. Even though I cry about something every other week, yea my emotions are in shambles but I'm okay. I'm smiling and I say fuck and shit way more than I should but thats better than giving up and letting my world end. So this is for my darling friend.. and besides without fashion the jazzabelle would just be a whore.

Urban outfitters Spring 2011 catalog shot by Harmony Korine

I love color, i love cuffs.. my wrists are always too small but these are just gorgeous 

My 145 dollar dream, spring is all about color but glitter is on my mind.. I also want a pink pair 

One of my favorite blogs is Fashiontography, a little inspiration goes a long way, least I'm hopin so.

I am obsessed with Tommy Ton.. I love him, his street photography is to die for!!! Sadly I could not get any of the photos off style. com but here's the link hope you enjoy as much as I did!!