Off In Dark Places

 I was right,, first instincts are always right, of course I'm having twitter withdrawls, him withdrawls, I honestly don't miss facebook, and I'll probably create a flicker and link it to here or some jazz like that to get more buzz for my photos. Deleting them was more of a personal thing, I need to focus on me, keep my thoughts to myself, and try to figure out how to get rid of this raging crazy bitch inside of me.  I wish I could remember this photographers name we studied in class, she was brilliant, two of herself in each photo.. now I must scrounge through my notes to see if I wrote it down.  I love candles for some reason now, I just turn the lights off and let them glow.

I never drizzle the icing right, always too much on one, too little on the others, I've become an addict to store bought mocha frappuccinos and red bull, my early mornings need them at times, and this morning cinnamon buns just seemed right..

birds in the tree sing to me about being young, and foolish, and naive 


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