drinkin on cheap bottles of wine

Last night I was drunk on a couch laying next to an old friend, I made new friends and took a shot of lucid which I never recommend to anyone. I felt like my throat had entered the gates of hell, as my eyes filled with tears and the sensation traveled through my body. I laughed and popped my tush on women in bikinis but hearing jequise come here and lets talk about life was the best part. I wanted to play in his hair so bad but he wasn't you, it just felt good to lay next to someone and talk.  Nothing to give, nothing to take, just a good convo about the past two years.  With age I no longer fear going places alone.. today I sat in a park, read a book, wrote down my fears, tore them to pieces and tossed them in the trash.  I want adventure, I want the truth, I want the weight of a man's body on top of me.

The past two weeks of my life and today.  I'm praying for the world. I'm tired of having green eyes, after tossing the shreds of paper I found one that I missed.. the biggest one of all.  I'm refraining from my last want, my emotions and your penis don't mix well.


Oona said...

I love pictures in the launderette! Loving these!


Jequise said...

thank u!!!

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