losers and maxi skirts

Ppl are always trying to get over.. I'm selling my car on cragislist for 800 and someone tried to offer me 250! I know it needs a new motor but jeez everything else works.. well except that one window the guy that sold it to me forgot to mention.  I understand times are hard but only a fool would take that price.. I really wanted to tell the guy to suck a big one. Honestly I wanna just chunk the car and sell it for parts.. why don't I know mechanic ppl. Any who I thrifted this maxi skirt and I am absolutely in love with it.. found a top in my closet, I just need a nice cardi.. why can't it be 80 degree weather yet.  I need the warmth of the sun and days by a lake. I couldn't get my camera in the right position.. I needed more space

I'm bored with the program I use for edits... Photoshop tutorials here I come


Chloé Bradshaw said...

Great Post!

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Jequise said...

thank you!!!

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