morning lover

Now Playing Love and Happiness- Al Green

Off day and sunirsie, I love the colors, I bought a shirt yesterday that reminded me of sunrise

 I never realize how many pictures I see the number.. and scratch my head like wtf??

 Lenny Kravitz blaring in my ears.. but baby it ain't ova till its oooova..

 The hat reminds me of 8th grade, me and my bestfriend were obsessed with trucker hats, we had black ones spray painted with our names, God 8th grade seems so long ago, we use to sit on a pile of rocks, skip study hall and talk about life 

I wear heels at the weirdest moments, never to the mall, but to the dam to take pictures, I walked back in and my mom told me I was crazy.. I laughed  and thought you just noticed...

Now Playing A Little Better- Gnarls Barkley


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