DAY 12

fancy pants!

sometimes when things aren't in focus they become the most beautiful, that's the rule I'm living by lately...

dress: Target
tank: Forever 21
shorts: Thrift Store

Playing Dress Up Is Good For The Heart


rather enjoyed.. DAY 10

graffiti on my wall..

his name is Zay Taylor
I love his real name it's cool too
not allowed to say it though

Music Connoisseur
his way of dress gives me butterflies
ever look at some one and think
man he's cool
yea that's him
chica chica yea!!

truth be told he's my best friend
chucks are kinda his thing
snapbacks are the way to go!
all around stylish dude

did I mention he's a rapper..



DAY 9 was lovely

started out cool  

he hustled me outta two dollars for the picture

whats your favorite flavor
I love a guy with a skateboard, it's just one of those things that make my heart go 
a group that sings outkast and lady gaga in masks

then things got strange
p.s. I'm not a big writer, just kinda write whatever comes to me, this was exciting, everyone has their niche and the wilkins truly made the night worth my while


a fashion lovers dream

Only 4 more days until Sex and The City 2 hits theaters.... I love Sex and The City, I sit in my underwear and watch old episodes and admire everything they wear.. as Carrie says its one of those "single things" I do

price flash
h&m has swimsuits for 4.95 as well as other great buys such as dresses and bangles
 the magical link to take u there is http://www.hm.com/us/fashion__fashion.nhtml#/fashion/

do it for less

one of many style.com items of the week are these Norma Kamali sunglasses
check out this similar pair from forever 21
bare your all

Nylon Magazine says bare minerals makeup is the way to go for that summer glow.  The makeup truly does work wonders but is a little on the pricey side, try covergirl trublend mineral makeup, it feels like its barely there and is only 7.99

just my opinion


my yellow
brick road

 I live in a place where people fish in murky waters
there's beauty on the other side

I guess you could say he is a risk taker of some sort, o the things people do when no one is watching

 slides and gladiator sandals
beautiful mamacita

best feeling ever
at the end of our journey we met this man.. he didn't give his name but he gave us words of wisdom

the clothes don't always make the people



Vamp It Up ♥

My Look...

Instead of stripes I chose a solid
Made the shorts from an old pair of jeans
Jacked the belt from the moms

 No red hat! But I got red heels!!

 I love this hat!!

 I was too tall with heels to be captured...

Just my take on a few things


DAY 4 continues..

a pretty lady in my town

this day was full of girl talk and laughter. she has a musical nature and i adore her fashion sense, you know when u haven't seen someone in a long time but when you're together its like neither of you left... yea that's us.
I don't know the two people in checkered scarves but they were adorable and in love.. i really need to start getting peoples names.

the end