soul decisions

Another series of self portraits.. 
I've been indifferent lately, kinda bothered by the things around me, 
Its honestly just been a rough week, 
I'm becoming more detached and insensitive lately.. 
I care about two things
I prefer my pictures in color
Feel like I shoulda shot these horizontal
room for improvement


park benches

when ppl will do silly things with u just cause
we dnt sit lady like
we talk shit about this one guy we both dated
we walk long bridges for icees 
and almost strip out of our clothes

things get weird in the heat 



working on a new self portrait
i love this place
broken but still together
all mysterious and shit 
i have to be up at 6:30


leairis and familiar places

she is leairis to me now
my tutu girl 
red lips tells a story in my opinion
they always leave a stain