study my contradictions

About a week ago, I was out with a friend and she asked( i always start writing then go to other tabs i have up) why haven't I done any fashion posts lately, so I pondered and honestly its because I haven't been feeling quite fashiony lately. The guy said I seemed different, spicy is the exact term that he used, I'm just not taking as much shit as I use to. These past two months have been hard and I guess I found my backbone through them. Even though I cry about something every other week, yea my emotions are in shambles but I'm okay. I'm smiling and I say fuck and shit way more than I should but thats better than giving up and letting my world end. So this is for my darling friend.. and besides without fashion the jazzabelle would just be a whore.

Urban outfitters Spring 2011 catalog shot by Harmony Korine

I love color, i love cuffs.. my wrists are always too small but these are just gorgeous 

My 145 dollar dream, spring is all about color but glitter is on my mind.. I also want a pink pair 

One of my favorite blogs is Fashiontography, a little inspiration goes a long way, least I'm hopin so.

I am obsessed with Tommy Ton.. I love him, his street photography is to die for!!! Sadly I could not get any of the photos off style. com but here's the link hope you enjoy as much as I did!! 


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