5:30 am

Woke up at 5:30, decided to watch my blueberry nights, beautiful film, lovely cast, half way through the movie I picked up my jank laptop and began to look for a second job and new lenses for my camera that a coworker had suggested to me.. needless to say I can't afford the one I truly need at the moment and thats okay.  I'm glad I watched the movie, I was reminded of myself, and how she just went away and started a new life, something I've wanted to do for quite awhile now.  I felt like I ended yesterday, broke down, simple shit pisses me off and it lets me know I don't need to be here. The hardest thing I've done is move back home and try to find my way back out, it puzzles me how at 18 I moved 8 hours away to a huge city and I was just fine. I felt secure, happy and satisfied, and now that I'm here, back home, I'm never content, not quite happy, and I make a mess of things.  I deleted my facebook and twitter, taking a break from cyber space and other people's thoughts. I think its raining again. I'm gonna go out and shoot, do my hair and fix these horrid eyebrows.

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