DAY 39

Pictures in the Dark...
This was by far the best night of summer, the walk was long but we made it to the fireworks and they were beautiful, I was reunited wit #ABC, all that was missing was our D, this night made me forget about all my worries and I wasn't even intoxicated, It was so much fun even though we almost took the wrong exit while going to my house cause the driver was too hype off the music in the car, we just laughed about it, and a cranberry limeade from sonic was a great way to end the night...
 I write on my old sneakers, things I believe in and my random sayings
I have a thing for old lookin cars, they're kinda sexy
my camera makes fireworks look weird
she's my C

 the pretty girl on the left is my A

love those boots

this outing was also a photoshoot
we're oober bright
this picture makes me giggle.. we call this the i see you pose

this would've worked but you can still see her.. she tried so hard
Silly things that don't go right make you laugh so much harder



cute blog!
I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


Jequise said...

thanks oh so much!!

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