to my dreams

so I wrote this out over and over again.. posted it and deleted it, and now its back as a list... I saved a copy of the drawn out paragraphs for myself, and trust me I'm also saving your eyes.

Dear Life
1. I'm glad the end of this year is near
2. I want to go to fashion school!! ART INSTITUTE OR JUMP TO FIT.. I have to be smart about this
3. New York within the next year and a half.
 4. getting over my fears, writing to tons of people in fashion, and hoping, praying, that I will be volunteering at fashion week
5. I could start a photography business but slut photography is out of the question
6. I would like to produce a fashion show in Nashville for the greater good by the end of summer 2011
7.I was inspired by @FashionCrazy, I heart her drive... http://fashioncrazy.net
8. I was Inspired by my best friend(the guy in my posts their tshirt line will be phenomenal)
9. Me and my bestfriend were suppose to do a tshirt line my heart wasn't in it, this blog is my baby
10.I'm ready for my own line of tshirts now August 2011
11. I'm learning to draw , via you-tube and I hope to find some drawing classes
12.I regret not buying that sewing machine, learning to sew shall be a real task, but those t-shirts will become dresses

All in all I just wanna be a stylist

When I was 12 I had a diary full of horribly drawn sketches of swanky outfits and I dreamed of my own boutique, If I would've kept that diary and kept drawing.. things might be more simple. 

I wore fuzzy socks and booties yesterday... I'm meant for this!!!!


I know this will be hard work but I"m gonna do it, even when my demanding job starts back up.... oh and I still plan on moving out

Networking is a must so if you like this post, believe in my dream... Contact Me!!!!  I'm willing to help you get to yours as well!!




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