I'm attracted to musicians I dnt know why, they're just kinda my thing, ever since I saw this band I've been constantly dreaming about the hotness of their keyboard player and his lovely eyes and he's super down to earth which makes me even more googley eyed for him. So we went to another one of their shows and  after a convo with his roommate I found out he has a girlfriend..bummed but still going to another show.  But I did recently start seeing a guy I knew from way back when, and I like him, I get happy at the thought of seeing him, I like it when he grabs for my hand or puts his arm around my waist and I laugh, oh and did I mention he sings and plays guitar..yea go figure.

This week has been interesting.. I have long hair for the time being, a not so great travel, a night that was much needed which started at the atm in the sketchy 58 center parking lot and ended after two beers, a tinkle in a bush with some awesome guy named Mitch and a talk with one of my loves on the sidewalk after the amazing show and tons of wedding photos to edit.

p.s. there will be no more him tags or talk of "the guy"and that continuing long drawn out saga 


Rose said...

Yay for finding a new guy, I love you hunnybunches :)

Taylor English said...

I love the long hair. It makes you a completely different person. And it sounds like that's something you need right now. I miss you, lady. Spoke with the other J-girly. And we all need to do something asap.

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