been a while

I  haven't written anything on here in a while, haven't had any to say, letting my pictures speak from themselves. I'm in a love hate relationship with Betty, I love and want her, then I want to push her away and never look at her again, then I want her all over again.  I'm questioning my passions more than anything right now, going through the motions.. I'm being sucked dry loosing my control and freedom, most evening I'm happy, other days I'm just kinda there.  Things are changing, I'm ready to grow, I need it....

This dress makes happy..it still has scars that I play with when I tried to turn it into a skirt at one point, I feel like my hair has this glow whenever I take pictures in the sun.  I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who notices though. I need it to be the weekend, but I always need that. 


Anonymous said...

The photography is great....so real and natural:)


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