a jumble of things

The title is just fitting for this, I haven't been blogging because I honestly just lost the urge, I saw no point, didn't really wanna talk about fashion or anything else for that matter.  I have been trying to focus on my photography more but something just did not seem right about posting. i even created a tumblr in hopes that I would post there  which was an epic fail.. I only like the name I came up with but with hopes of blogging today I hope to post on there much more as well.  Life is weird... I moved, cried a lot, found a new job and things finally seem to be kinda okay.. its really just been a mess of things.. but I'm always mess hopefully that will eventually change.. but i really like my mess right now for the most part 

Just a tid bit of what I've been shooting over the months...I'm honestly hoping to pick up betty alot more now that I have a new job, I miss her 


Rich said...

Glad I found your work. Not sure how many people have told you this but you're very talented! Extremely talented! Hope you take that talent and soar!

Jequise said...

seeing this just made my life.. thank u so so much it truly means alot ♥

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