ponder this

When a friend randomly texts me to ask if I'm happy.. my thoughts were perplexed as to why this question came about in his brilliant mind. He's no where near me, we don't talk everyday, I haven't posted a drastic blog, tweet, or fb status, or is unhappiness that evident in someone you care about. I hope he reads this and answers my question. My answer to him was that I was simply unsatisfied... in 3 years I haven't excelled in school or had a successful relationship. So often I sit and ponder wtf is wrong with me? I actually know the answer to school, its simply I just dnt want too, I mean there's more to it but you get the gist.  I've also become a recluse here, this place is bad for my health, I am el miserable. Oh and the relationship shit..I get in the same situations over and over.. limbo status.. will I ever make it under the fuckin stick!! vjay stealer, killer infatuation, the hero, loser j, and my very own mr big.

and i'm still pondering a new blog name


Anonymous said...

Love you Quisey.
I'm feeling extremely blah lately too, but everything always has a way of coming together. Chin uppp.

- JaMeshia

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