yea yea yea i know

shopping, and sex, shopping and sex, shopping and sex, i am unbelievably broke and my skin is crawling from not being able to buy anything.. i admit it i'm a fucking addict for clothes.. i just want some peanut butter and jelly earrings and hotel to room to fufill my fantasies, i woke up feeling like shit, went back to work monday, i'm off today, no job should lay off for two months.. i wanna be in school right now for the wrong reasons..my thoughts are jumbled hope u can tell, i gave up on correct grammar first sentence, i need a hustle i'm bout to pimp my photography skills, 16 days so many hours and secs till i get paid.. life of a struggling shopaholic, least i got a roof over my head, i dnt believe money makes you happy but i think we can agree it makes things better. 

the girl lookin for better days

p.s. i wrote this on wednesday


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