sunrise and tequila

10 mins till my birthday is over I sit here smiling and pondering my 21 years of  life.  The week led me to believe that my birthday would be awful, I'm not gonna lie I have been quite miserable these past few weeks and it was beginning to show.  I did realize one thing.. I love my dreams, in this week alone I went after things I never would have thought of before and I will continue to do so.  I also have a very important feature to write which I am nervous, terrified and down right excited about at the same time. 

It's weird because 3 years ago writing was the one thing I wanted to get away from. Well actually journalism, I hate the idea of formatting and all that other jazz. But any who I began my celebration at midnight,danced and laughed the night away; and was overjoyed at the fact that there were no big X's on my hand(21+ clubs are bomb). Just a simple smiley face on my wrist (shoulda took a picture), I even dragged Betty into the club.. the least to say I miss Candy on these nights well Joe as she is known today.

He was so cute 
My eyebrows need a serious wax job
I've been finding myself since I was 18.. 3 years later the journey still continues. 

Happy January 24th


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