birthday who hah

So my birthday is in four days and I'm excited but not so excited. My best birthdays were when I was little and I just wanted cake and icecream, being older I am tired of the birthday dinners and the blah blah blah, its on a Sunday so I honestly just want it to myself and to enter a 21+ club at 12am.. but most importantly I want no one else to try and control it, as my mother has already tried to do, with her suggestion of going to the new bowling alley.

I love my family but bowling, bumper cars and laser tag isn't my idea of a good 21st birthday. I really just want to go to olive garden, well a restaurant I can get a nice drink at and so forth. I don't want a big birthday dinner with my friends.. I just want to party with my closest ones the following weekend, shop and wear marvelous high heels. Now here are a few of the things I would like to be shopping for or have gifted to me.

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platform Shoes or a cheaper version

I've had my eye on these shoes for months now, they just make me happy 

Well thats pretty much it, I don't trust people to but my bottoms or dresses, I made that a no no for my mommy this year, because in her opinion she thinks I'm weird so shes buys me the most horrendous things ever.  In my opinion when shopping for others, no matter how different they are, ask yourself now would I step out the house in this. 


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