as of late

My friend from high school got married yesterday.. he asked how does that make me feel. My response: I'm not ready for that life, I was happy for her..its what she wants but I feel as though getting married and having children seems to be the next big thing to do in this town.  I just want a nice date every now and then.. nothing to fancy, no facebook love, actually all I want is pretty much what I have right now. Well with a few more hugs and kisses, and a tad more clarity, I get insecure and wonder am I putting to much effort into him, I don't wanna lose myself, good thing is he constantly reminds me I'm important... honestly I just want stability not just in my love life but in everyday life.. I feel like I'm almost there.

I like bows in my hair, crotch shots, comfy clothes, and simple things
 I hate when my boobs feel enormous


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