last minute thoughts

Sitting topless.. talkin to people on fb.. I always get that errie feeling like mmmm what if they can see me.  I'm not ashamed of my body but I really dnt want people seeing my nipps at 2 in the afternoon. Oh and texting the guy.. I don't know what to call him anymore, bestftriend/lover.. whatever so now when I refer to him he will be the guy. But in other news, hours and hours away till the bday celebration and I'm honestly not that excited.  I thought 21 would be great but its just a day that will involve olive garden.  I cried today.. but thats better than crying on the day of..right.  Honestly the one thing I want the most for my birthday is to get the hell outta dodge and a hug from the guy. But sadly the car I'm driving needs new brakes and an oil change, no road trip adventure for me. 

Oh and I entered a photography contest!!! Really would love your votes!! Please Please please.. ok I'm done begging  here's the link 



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