lil honesty

Ok lets be honest my past attempts at school have not been successful.. I despise it, it doesn't feel right but by May I believe and I say this with a cringe that I will be ready. So with the fact that I so do not pay attention to detail I failed to realize not only was I suspended from MTSU so was my financial aid.bummer right.. but I will not let it get me down.. I will not freak out!!!! 

I honestly do not know if I want to go back there.. it sounds good in my head but sometimes I think I'm coming up with another escape plan just to get away from home. When truly the only escape plan is to move out, May is the plan, it was suppose to be January but don't u love how life just knocks u down sometimes.  I talked to my mom today(shocker) about my car situation and we've decided to try and sell, I'm takin my life into my own hands and dealing with it my way.. its the only way to get shit accomplished

pictures tell a story.. this one shows the effects of cheap makeup
I remember wiping my eyes immediately to get off the black
love love 


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