number 10

It's Monday I'm snowed in and dealing with my strange thought process.. I text my best friend to tell him that I am frustrated and going through a no mojo phase. My work reflects it.. I like none of the pictures I've taken.. I have no muse, he usually is, but lately I'd rather be in his arms than taking photos of him.  I need to live alone to make art.. I dream of a two bed room apartment.. the living room will be my World, the bathroom will be Paris, My bedroom will be India and the other room will be white and full of lighting equipment.  

 Those dreams are not too big and May isn't far but I will not rush it... My 21st is 13 days away and it shall be the kickoff. I'm hoping when work begins, I will still have weekends off, I plan to take trips out of town to concerts and apartment hunt my ass off for that perfect place! I just wanna work, party, drink, and thrift.  I realize I don't to much care for the concept of trends, designers and what not, I just like clothes, all clothes, and  honestly don't know if I will be able to spend 500 smackaroonies on a pair of heels. I just enjoy what I wear. I'm kind of a fuck the rules type of girl and trust me I say fuck quite a bit in a day.

Post pictures of snow later if I go outside.. still debating... snow in the south = no mobility


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