morning go!!!

Condoms, tattooed women,classic beauty..every morning should be this grand

   "You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit"- David Ryan 

Click the links you'll enjoy..I think links make the blog look ugly. I'm just to lazy to click the link button, so I copy and paste. The art of ugly has become a fav of mine, I follow girls that I think are gorgeous on twitter well usually my interest has been peaked. I adore beautiful, eccentric, fashionable, idgaf chicks, I'd go lesbo if I had the balls. I use to google quotes for fb statuses to describe how I felt, when I didn't have the words.

I want somebody to walk up behind me and kiss me on my neck 


Inquiring Mind said...

LOL!!1 Love the openness on your blog!! Congrats on getting Fashion Bombshell of the Day - Love your style and your amazing blog

Jequise said...

thank u so much!!!!

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