a heap of clutter.. DAY 90

Outkast in a Dress

There are days I wanna be just like her, work off a schedule, make my socks match my shirt, be as thorough and neat. I remember my outfits as a child were always coordinated to a T, I had the penny loafers to match my uniform, the baby doll socks for every sunday with my shiny patten leather shoes. I often think of myself as a doll, sitting in her lap she twisted my hair, admiring her beauty. She always had hair that came down her back, I always cut mine off, the shorter the messier. Mess revolves around my life, my floor often become my closet for a few days and I oddly come up with some of my best ideas in catastrophe. I keep things in my mind when I should often write them on paper. I have problems sticking with things, like shoots, I always think what if someone sees me, in particularly her, sometimes this small town gets to me.. a tripod wouldn't look weird any where else, but here I'm like an outkast with a camera. A mess in a dress....

You know when u go in department stores and u see those huge posters of girls with things all around them like shoes, or makeup, but they're still they're focus! That type of shoot has been in the back of my mind forever, except I did it with clutter. I also wish I had a way of getting the camera at higher angle.. I thought about tying it to something, but my clumsiness always prevails over my natural ability to rig things..

We all have our Inhibitions


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