DAY 91
Am I the only one who's afraid of outrageous colors on the kissables... I think its gorgeous on others but I'm not quite sure how I feel about it on myself. For one my lips are on the  voluptuous side and I honestly just started wearing red lipstick this year and I ooo so badly want to try a suttle pink without looking like a clown of some sort.  I want it to look romantic and slightly seductive... and not DAMN her lips are pink. I often relate to old Hollywood to describe myself. I love to be thought of as gorgeous yet mysteriously seductive. I think I was meant for a different time period. One of nice long dresses, gentlemen in fedoras and lovely nights out on the town.


these looks inspire me so

p.s. is suttle really spelled subtle.. my computer kept putting that red line.. I really like the way suttle looks and its how  pronounce it.. hmph

all pictures are form google images

tootles my darlings
the jazzabelle


Opé - Style Artist said...

I love pink lipstick... try it, you may love it!

Jequise said...

will do!! i hope i love it!

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