a little on edge

 I love the smell of peach cigars. Not because they remind me of anything...but maybe a particular someone. Sitting on the swaying dock I kept thinking should I or shouldn't I. If I light it, will the cigar smell the same or will the tobacco over power the peachyness that entices me so. I came here to think and casually slipped the cigar in my pocket on the way out the door. My secret place, where if I smoke no one will see, if I cry no one will hear, and if I dance no one will stare. Oddly I went to my secret place in the middle of the day, nature soothes me and the touch of wind mixed with sunshine made me smile. I secretly hoped a cute guy on a boat would sail by.. I got the old man on a kayak who pointed out I didn't smile as he heard the camera flash

DAY 93


King Lathan said...

OhhhhhEmmmmmmGeeeeee great post.....

Jequise said...

thanx sugah!!

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