random epiphany

fashion is like sex.. it's either good or bad depending on who it's with. Like that outfit may not work for you but it looks great on her. Sex with him may not have been so great but that other guy knocked it out the park.  it's also similar to how my life has been lately and this rant may also be coming from my sexual frustrations as well. But things are either really good or continuously bad. thursday was the day of all days.. I spent almost three hours at the community college trying to get registered for classes only to be defeated in my effort. not to mention i had been up at the horrendous place everyday this week!! i was determined, i went to that stupid appeal on tuesday, turned in all my forms on monday just so i would be ahead of the game. Harrased my previous college about sending my transcript only to find out that my high school transcript had not been received. I dropped f bombs like no other that day. so thursday i'm back at it with my high school transcript in hand.. my hold is cleared I go to register and i can only take six hours. by this time i am flustered beyond words.. i try to talk to everyone but the one guy i need isn't in. I stormed out of that office with tears in my eyes, six hours is a waste of my time and money, I understand i didn't do well at my old university but i'm trying to better myself by going back and i just sat and thought ...this is my punishment. URGH!!!

Not to mention I looked awful i had just got off work and looked really bummy in my khakis and tank top i had stripped down to. Looking awful on a bad day is almost just as bad as not having an orgasm!

in need of days like these

p.s. i need a cool graphic tee.. any suggestions on where to look


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