Under Construction

My blog is undergoing changes due to my unsatisfaction and I also stumbled upon a blog with the same name.   I came up with smeared makeup one day after crying and seeing my make-up smudged and heartbreak written all over my face. The blog was originally suppose to be a place for me to start writing again and spill my emotional state onto the web. But after a few months i decided to make it a fashion blog where I could display my passion for the things I love. I am also undergoing changes as well, I recently cut my hair very short, whenever i cut my hair its like cutting off all my baggage, I'm leaving it in the past as my hair falls on the floor. My life is under construction, I am learning patience and just taking every thing day by day! 

Jazabelle or jezebel has a very negative connotation which is why i think i love it. its usually used by old people to describe a woman of promiscuous nature and very popular with men. It even dates back to jim crow to describing a woman with an insatiable appetite for sex.  They were known to be seductive, alluring, worldly, beguiling, tempting, and lewd. Well I have an insatiable appetite for fashion and I want my blog to turn heads like a man watching a woman as she walks by.. his eyes following the sway of her hips.. she has his full attention. 

So welcome to 
my darlings


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