all work and no play

DAY 92
It's 6:05 am I pull up and see the other cars. I'm nervous to get out, she hasn't called me yet, I'm 5 minutes early but that's a good thing, it's better to be early than late. I see her.. the other girl who there with me that one day. I think hmm.. the bitch has been here longer she's already doing everything on her own.. and its just my first day. I look at the time because she still hasn't pulled up and my cell hasn't rang. I'm nervous and excited because, I'm doing what I love, but at times I can be socially retarded so I stay in my car and wait. I'm anxious, i dial her and she says five minutes.. I keep looking at my car lights against the building.. the sun has barely come up and all I can keep thinking about is why didn't I eat breakfast and my second shift that awaits me later in the day .  She's here.. we meet and greet and talk our boss. I am now her shadow.. gotta love the first day on the job.

Fashion in the Workforce

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Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton


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