awkwardly poised

DAY 109
I haven't truly been shopping all summer thanks to the fuckers I work for at CB where my checks are almost depleted after putting gas in my car. And I love thrifting as much as the next girl but there's nothing like that new clothes feel and knowing that its yours. That feeling of walking out the store with that bag in your hand thinking of all the combinations and the first place you can wear that gorgeous ensemble!! Ahh!! how i miss that feeling, so due to my lack of income and not getting paid from my new job until thursday.. I constantly come up with different combos with what I have in my closet, occasional thrifting, and going through my moms old things. So this shoot was inspired by the thought of hidden treasures.. 

I'm in love with abandoned places and their mystique.. sometimes places with no one to look at my flaws make me the most comfortable.. looking at these pictures made me confront what I like to call my oddly gorgeous silhouette, with my long legs and short torso being the jist. I've come to love what I use to hate... besides he said he'd lick them.. mmm hmm


Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I love abandoned places too! They are pretty mysterious. Your outfit is supercute!


Jequise said...

thanx love!!

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